Making a Change in Honor of Clean Air Month

Posted by Dalkia Solutions on May 18, 2021 3:39:06 PM

This May, it’s time to stand up for cleaner air. According to the American Lung Association, more than 45% of Americans are living in conditions with unhealthy air. We want you to join us in being part of the change during Clean Air Month—in this blog we’ll explain how we can help your facility chart a course for a greener future while improving your energy and cost-efficiency.


The Dalkia Difference

Renewable energy and energy efficiency services are imperative in the fight for cleaner air and reduced carbon emissions. Our mission isn’t just about helping your facility go green—it’s about helping your facility go green in an efficient and sustainable way.


Part of the Dalkia Difference is our wide array of solutions; we assess your building’s specific portfolio and provide services that will benefit your unique situation. Our offerings include but are not limited to solar, combined heat and power (CHP), electric vehicle charging, upgrades for HVAC, refrigeration and LED lighting. By providing such a wide variety of services, we can ensure that our proposed solution is not off-the-shelf; it’s tailored to your needs.


Lowering the Carbon Pawprint at Great Wolf Lodge

We recently developed an end-to-end building energy plan for the Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park which included building energy software, LED improvements, water conservation devices, HVAC upgrades and on-site electricity generation with a CHP unit. Our installations immediately led Great Wolf Lodge to realize savings on electricity, natural gas and water bills.


But here’s the best part: in addition to the projected $1.3 million in energy savings for their first year, Great Wolf Lodge is also expected to realize a 10% reduction in carbon emissions in that same timeframe. It’s just one example of how we’re helping our customers make a change for cleaner air with the Dalkia Difference.


Are you interested in being part of a greener future? Take action during Clean Air Month by reaching out to us and discovering how we can help you make similar improvements. We promise we’ll share attainable energy projections and do all the heavy lifting so you can breathe easy.


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