ECA becomes EECA (i.e. Energy > Carbon for the Enterprise)

Posted by Dalkia Solutions on Feb 8, 2011 4:46:19 AM

In 2008, when Groom Energy named and published the first report on “Enterprise Carbon Accounting” (ECA) the corporate world was just starting to track their GHG emissions as a new metric for their company’s sustainability efforts.  The financial markets hadn’t yet collapsed and EHS managers were using speadsheets to build GHG baselines and begin regular reporting to the EPA’s Climate Leaders and the Carbon Disclosure Project.  We tracked initially 40, and later 75, software vendors with GHG tracking and reporting solutions for this new market.

My how the world changes.

Today energy has risen front and center as the primary method for both saving money AND tracking environmental progress by these same companies.  Accordingly in our newly released report today we rename this category Enterprise Energy and Carbon Accounting (EECA) and begin the next chapter of tracking this new market’s growth, challenges, our customer’s learnings and the leading vendors.

Our analysis concludes that the EECA market is growing at 3oo%.  So don’t be surprised when our list of vendors grows as well – I predict we’ll cross 100 in the next few weeks.

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