Enterprise Smart Grid Research published

Today we released our Enterprise Smart Grid research report.

Since starting this research effort 18 months ago it’s stunning to look back at how things have changed, even since we hosted our first ESG conference last fall.

While customers interviews taught us the real business drivers and benefits learned from corporate early adopters, the vendor interviews gave us a different set of opinions and vision on where the market is headed.

Neither was wrong, but the conflict presented a challenge to capture within one report – the reality today versus a vision of where we’re headed.

Interestingly, even as we were conducting vendor interviews, market consolidation was occuring.  Ameresco, Constellation Energy, Ecova, EnerNOC, IBM, Johnson Controls, Schneider Electric, Siemens have all made acquisitions during this period.

But we’re now tracking over 200+ vendors who offer solutions which contain the phase “energy management.”

Which explains why customers are confused.

So we’re hoping first that our ESG Management Framework will help folks divide the world down a bit into eleven big buckets of functionality.  And we know that the vendor list will likely grow a lot in the coming months.