Fight Back Against Rising Energy Prices

Posted by Dalkia Solutions on Dec 2, 2021 11:24:27 AM

Is your facility struggling with the rising price of natural gas? Shockingly, it’s already doubled this year and, unfortunately, the issue is only expected to worsen this winterresulting in higher heating bills and higher electric utility costs. But we can help you fight back against rising energy prices with our array of on-site energy solutions.

Why Are Prices Increasing?

The rising price of natural gas is currently a perfect storm of low supply and high demand. The issue began during the COVID-19 pandemic with record lows of energy consumption, driving down the demand for a variety of fuels. Now that demand has returned, the supply has yet to catch up. Additionally, air conditioners were used at higher rates than normal throughout the summer, due to a surge of heatwaves, primarily in California and the Northwest Pacific region. This increased electric usage led to less gas being stored for the cold winter months, and the cycle could become even worse with a colder winter in the forecast.

Alternative Options

As prices continue to soar, the Biden Administration is pushing for increased usage of renewable resources to provide electricity, going so far as to call for solar to power half of the national electric grid by 2050. While this lofty goal is something to aspire to, there are ways for you to feel immediate relief from the rising prices. We can conduct an energy assessment of your facility in order to make cost-saving recommendations such as LED lighting retrofits, improved HVAC systems, digital services and more.

On-Site Energy Solutions

Additionally, we can recommend new energy installation projects to lower your reliance on gas, so you no longer struggle with fluctuating prices caused by outside sources. Our services include:

  • Solar and storage. You can generate electricity on-site and further reduce energy by leveraging low-cost electricity from solar generation or off-peak grid power to meet your building’s energy needs.
  • Combined heat and power (CHP). Traditional power generation methods allow 67% of the generated electricity to escape as thermal energy, meaning they’re only 33% efficient on average. On the other hand, CHP provides an operational efficiency of 85% by using nearly all natural gas input to produce heat as well as electricity.
  • Intelligent load management. You can use real-time data to streamline your building’s energy consumption and identify monetary and energy savings opportunities.
  • Retail energy. You can receive retail electricity and gas in an unregulated market. We’ll design a program to reduce your on-site building load, maximize the use of cost-effective on-site energy and supply the balance of your energy needs.

While gas prices are already high, you’ll want to mitigate the even higher costs we are likely to experience this winter. If you’re interested in learning more about our on-site energy solutions, please contact us today.

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