Controlling the Future of HVAC Systems

Posted by Dalkia Solutions on Aug 11, 2021 3:43:41 PM

At Dalkia Energy Solutions, we have long specialized in optimizing HVAC units, which are frequently the largest energy consuming systems in a facility. With such a major share of the energy portfolio, there is always room to increase efficiency and deliver our customers a better return on their investment (ROI). Enhanced controls, now accessible at your fingertips, are the future of HVAC systems; you no longer have to invest in an expensive building management system (BMS) to achieve savings and maintain compliance. We can install, optimize and customize the system with other projects to drive the ROI of any facility.

The Perks of Control

Our affordable commercial building controls now allow us to provide the following benefits:

  • Indoor air quality management: wireless sensors deliver millions of data points daily, including temperature, humidity, and CO2 This data is sent to the cloud and the system automatically adjusts to provide maximum quality. This means that the system no longer operates on a “needs” basis, but instead provides complete monitoring, meaning you can breathe easy.
  • Portfolio management: all locations or facilities can be controlled through one central app, allowing you to alter temperature and view air quality levels at any time. You can also manage scheduling to improve efficiency, for instance, by increasing your ventilation during business hours and reducing it on weekends and extended vacations.
  • Viral transmission management: it’s a topic that’s more relevant than ever before—epidemic transmission. This system includes an epidemic mode that can be pushed out remotely to an entire portfolio of sites. When faced with a pandemic, the touch of a button can achieve and maintain healthy, safe and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) compliant indoor air quality.

Saving with Convenience

Your facility will also quickly reap the benefits in efficiency settings to improve your ROI, including but not limited to:

  • Variable frequency drives (VFD) to manage the speed of motors throughout the system to match load requirements.
  • Setback controls to use the HVAC system at peak times and lower its use at others.
  • Demand-controlled ventilation to manage where in the facility your HVAC is operating at peak strength—a higher occupancy leads to a higher demand.
  • And much more

There are also opportunities for operational savings with enhanced HVAC controls. We call it a “smart dispatch”: the system alerts Dalkia to a potential issue and attempts to fix it remotely before a technician is dispatched. If a technician is still required, we can alert them to the exact issue prior to their arrival, cutting down on repair times and resulting in massive operational savings for the facility.

Ready to take control?

Our HVAC controls will provide you with the tools you need to improve efficiency and your ROI at the same time. If you’re ready to control your facility’s future, contact us today.

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