It’s 100 degrees outside – does it matter if your AC is set to 72 or 73?

Posted by proadmin on Jul 22, 2011 2:48:23 PM

As this heat bubble hovers over New England many folks are heading home on a Friday night to turn on two things – the Red Sox and their air conditioners.

As they collapse into their couches, is it a big deal if they set their thermostat to 72 versus 73 degrees?

Let’s do some back of the envelope math:

The US residential market consumes 1.5 billion kWh of electricity this year, air conditioning is 9% of the total electricity use, and the average retail price of electricity is $0.119 kWh

So if we all got used to setting our thermostats to 73 instead of 72 (a savings of @ 1-3%) we would reduce our annual energy cost by somewhere between $160 million and $480 million dollars a year.

Does 72 feel THAT much better?

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