Lidl invests in MERV 13 Filtration

Posted by Dalkia Solutions on Nov 24, 2020 5:30:26 PM

A Grocer Achieves A New Level of Freshness

Lidl US knows a thing or two about fresh produce. Operating over 11,000 stores across 32 countries, freshness is at the core of their business model. Now, by integrating some new technology, customers will experience a new level of freshness: air purity. And given the implications of COVID-19, the MERV 13 filtration solution will allow all involved (customers, vendors, employees) to breathe a collective sigh of relief.

The Background

In the early spring months before much was known of the novel coronavirus, experts from leading health organizations came forward to stress the importance of wearing face masks. One thing was clear: the virus was spread through the air. They said that social distancing aside, filtering the air, by way of a face mask or other technology, could significantly reduce the number of reported cases and infected individuals.

Healthcare facilities, including hospitals, were understandably the first type of facilities to implement or update their air filtration devices to protect staff and patients, with other B2B facilities following suit.

HEPA filters are rated to filter many common viruses from the airstream, but MERV filtration can stop particulates as small as nanomicrons—precisely the size of the coronavirus. Understanding just what was and continues to be at stake, Lidl made the decision to invest in MERV filtration technology across its store locations.

Of the decision, Johannes Fieber, Lidel US CEO, shared, “Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have worked diligently to protect the health of everyone in our stores by meeting or exceeding CDC guidelines, and this measure to create cleaner, healthier air is no different. Customers and team members in Lidl stores can breathe easier knowing we have an added layer of protection against COVID-19.”

Read more about Lidl upgrading its ventilation system here.

The Solution

As low-margin businesses, grocery and retail stores have an added incentive to keep staff healthy. Keeping regular employees on-staff helps, in turn, keep regular and repeat customers. Not only do MERV 13 filters help to maintain the health of staff, but they also help contribute to the health of the building, with HVAC upgrades addressing and solving efficiency problems in refrigeration, boilers and ventilation systems.

Are you a grocer who is interested in following suit? Or do you operate a different type of business that is ready to implement new air-filtering technology? If an HVAC upgrade is on deck, now might be a wise time to consider MERV 13 filtration. The reality is, our collective new normal will, for the foreseeable future, include COVID-19. MERV 13 can help keep it at bay. Ready to start the conversation? Contact us today.

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