The Climate Pledge: Achieving Net Zero Carbon by 2040

Posted by Dalkia Solutions on Sep 29, 2020 5:11:29 PM

Are You Doing Your Part? We Can Help.

Earlier this summer, we learned of The Climate Pledge after reading this blog from Amazon discussing the internet giant’s intent to reach net zero carbon by 2040, a full decade ahead of the Paris Agreement. An ambitious goal for sure, but after we stopped to consider how swiftly the company rose from being an online bookstore to the megastore and distribution center it is today, we realized that the timeframe and goal may not be too lofty of a feat after all.

Recognizing the importance of the green movement, and understanding that perhaps some of our technologies may not be widely known, we looked inward to find ways to educate readers of our blog of our services. After all, every day, we help facilities reduce emissions, cut their energy consumption and boost cost savings. So, to an extent, we’ve taken a similar climate pledge. If you are interested in joining Amazon in the movement, we want you to have all the resources you need to do so. Read on.

Renewable Energy

One of Amazon’s incremental goals is to run its operations with renewable energy by the year 2030. This is an area where we shine (pun intended.) Let us illuminate some of the benefits of our solar technology. Once bulky and cost-prohibitive, solar panels now are surprisingly compact and affordable.

Having the generation of electricity in-house creates efficiencies. And from the perspective of The Climate Pledge, solar not only helps lower carbon emissions, but it can also help lower a facility’s energy costs. For these reasons, we hope you’ll agree that solar is a bright idea. And, taking things one step further, our partner, EDF Renewables, can help integrate another renewable: wind.

Electric Delivery

Another of Amazon’s pledges is to integrate electric vehicles into their fleet. While we aren’t in the business of producing cars, we do have a unique way to deliver heat and power: cogeneration. Typical centralized power plants can waste upwards of 55% of their energy through discharged heat or electrical losses.

When produced on-site, energy efficiencies are realized; our cogeneration systems, also known as CHP, or Combined Heat and Power, see 85% operational efficiency. You can learn more about the systems and the benefits they could bring your facility by visiting our partner Aegis’ website.

Making the Pledge for a Better Tomorrow

Really, The Climate Pledge is more than just the promise to reduce emissions; it’s a shift in one’s way of thinking, a topic we covered in our last blog and something we try to live every day, through our sustainability work with charitable organizations and our employee-led social impact program. It may sound cliché, but together, we truly can make a difference. Won’t you let us help you achieve your sustainability goals?

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