Groom Energy hosts LED Webinar

Posted by proadmin on May 26, 2009 5:25:29 AM

Groom Energy hosted a webinar on May 21st entitled “Trends and Best Practices using LED light sources in Commercial, Industrial and Outdoor applications.” This event was driven from the many conversations, questions and engagements we have had with our commercial and industrial customers, like, “are LED’s the answer for my industrial application?” “How soon until LEDs will be competitive with fluorescent light sources?” ” Which applications have been successful and which have not, and why?”….. we attempted to answer a few of these questions using this broad forum and maybe to provide clarity to some of the claims from providers.

Joining me in the presentation were Mark McClear from CREE and Jeff McCullough from PNNL. The session was very well attended, far better than we had anticipated. Mark gave a good historical view of where LED light sources have come from, where they are now and where he (and CREE) anticipates them to be in the short term.   I presented a synopsis of Groom’s observations of the commercial and industrial marketplace from our customer’s perspective. The requirements and challenges they face and the many questions they pose to us.  I reveiwed 4 specific case studies which hit specific different types of applications, Indoor, Roadway, Parking, and Tunnel, and the results/benefits of these installs. Jeff gave an excellent overview and detailed the effort to provide standards around the myriad of claims in the market regarding LED light sources and fixtures.

What is apparent is that there is tremendous interest in LEDs as a hugely efficient light source for the future. Along with that come a ton of questions and the need to provide expert guidance. The comments from the session seem to be positive so far, and we continue to try and provide guidance and leadership to our customers in this area. Stay tuned for more!

The webinar is currently archived on the Greentechmedia site so you’ll just need to register here in order to view it anytime for the next 6 months.

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