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Connectivity is the Future of Building Management

Cutting the energy consumption of a facility while increasing energy savings is the new standard of building management, rather than the exception. Over the last several years, n technologies have emerged to meet those goals, such as LED lighting and controls, which can cut energy bills by more than half while improving the quality and safety of the facility. But there’s so much more. Additional ROI-boosting features in LED lighting and other technologies prove that connectivity is the future of building management.

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Digital Lumens’ first LED customer installs

screen-shot-2010-09-28-at-3-24-21-pmNow that Digital Lumens (DL) is out of stealth mode it makes sense for us to start covering some of our learnings with LED high wattage applications.

Beginning last year we conducted a series of DL test trials with our customers.  Recently we exhibited at the IARW show as a “coming out” party, showing both the now shipping DL system and a short video from our first large installation at a yet-to-be-announced freezer cold storage facility.

Prior to our DL tests we had learned that operating managers had three general concerns about LED high wattage applications – (1) light level performance, (2) cost and (3) glare.

Digging into each….

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Digital Lumens – congrats on DOE award!

dlfixture-300x140In 2006 Groom Energy engineers began testing the latest general illumination LED fixtures with our early adopter customers.  Our demonstrations proved that these products were still too expensive, couldn’t produce enough foot-candles and had no track record to support their 100,000 hour operating life claims.  More importantly, none of the them took advantage of what LEDs do best – intelligent control.

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